Never run out of juice

Designed to go everywhere you do, Power Pack Micro lets you carry backup power in your pocket or on your keychain. You can even use it to find your keys if you ever misplace them.

Never run out of juice

Don’t worry about running out of power while on a call or watching a video. Power Pack Micro keeps you charged when you need it. You can save time by charging your phone and Power Pack at the same time too.

Power Pack Micro

Style That Matches Yours

Choose from classic white or charcoal canvases, or pick one of six additional colors in bright hues.

Never lose your phone or keys again

Use the built-in Motorola Keylink to find your phone or keys if they ever get lost. Just listen for the beep.

Tells you when it’s time to charge

Power Pack Micro uses the Motorola Connect app to send a notification to your smartphone when its power is running low.

Works with Android devices

Power Pack Micro recharges any micro-USB powered device.


Never run out of juice

Design Materials / Colours

Dark canvas, light canvas, spice, red, violet, lemon lime, turquoise, royal blue

Dimensions L X W X H

41mm x 17mm x 60mm


1.7 oz

Battery capacity

1500 mAh


1.0 amp output

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